Taking Care of Sustainability

Forest Management

The long-term future of our company and the communities in which we operate depends on responsible management of the natural resources in our care. That’s why we are deeply committed to managing the forest responsibly for future generations and using fiber that has been sustainably sourced. We recognize and value wood as a renewable, high-quality, reliable raw material for our tissue and towel products.
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Fiber Sourcing

We maintain certification of 100% of Resolute-owned or managed woodlands to at least one internationally recognized forest management standard: Sustainable Forestry Initiative® (SFI®) and Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®). In addition, we maintain internationally recognized chain of custody certifications at our three tissue mills, such as SFI, FSC and the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC/26-31-70) all of which require that 100% of the fiber processed meets minimum due diligence requirements related to risks of illegal logging and other important sustainability issues.
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Climate Change & Energy

Resolute Tissue’s commitment to using green energy benefits both the environment and our bottom line. Our focus on improving energy efficiency and replacing high-emission fuels like coal with less-carbon-intensive fuels places us ahead of potential regulations, positioning the company as a leader in greenhouse gas reductions and in the development of new, sustainable products that have a lower carbon footprint.
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Packaging &
Space Reduction

We continually look for ways to reduce and optimize product packaging and supply chain processes. Wasted space in packaging can result in excess materials, storage, handling, transport and quality issues. So from enhancing towel and bath tissue roll stackability, which reduces the need for shelf space, to shipping large tissue packs directly on shrink-wrapped pallets instead of inside corrugated boxes, we are doing everything we can to reduce the environmental impact of our logistics.


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