Bath Tissue & Towel Dispensers for Office Buildings

With the growing popularity of shared workspaces and collaborative office landscapes, contagious illnesses can spread quickly and have a real impact on productivity.

At Resolute Tissue, we provide property managers, janitorial staff, and building owners hands-free towel dispensing solutions, making sure that your visitors, employees and tenants – as well as your building’s reputation – are well taken care of. From the washroom to the breakroom, we understand how important it is to reduce sick leave, impress visitors and boost your employee or tenant morale.

The Revo® Controlled Dispensing System offers faster, more reliable dispensing which moves tenants and visitors through the hand cleansing process quickly. With a stub roll feature and settings for controlling towel length, Revo® electronic towel dispensers are designed for today’s budget-minded building manager by eliminating waste and reducing overall cost of in use. Offered in stainless, black and white, Revo® can also be ordered with an unlimited range of custom design possibilities, including branded elements, colors and finishes.

Revo® Controlled Dispensing Systems eliminate waste and lower maintenance time, delivering a lower cost in use and fast, reliable dispensing.

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