Paper Towel & Tissue Dispensers for Education Sector

In any educational environment, large numbers of users and close contact between staff and students mean germs can spread easily and quickly.

At Resolute Tissue, we understand the challenges schools face to keep their students, teachers and staff safe each and every day, which is why schools across the country depend on our innovative solutions to help maintain the right standards of hygiene.

Having the right skincare program plus using the hands-free Revo® Controlled Dispensing System, can help build the right hygiene solution for any school. Suited for all levels of education from pre-school to higher education, hands-free Revo® towel dispensers provide for the well-being of students and staff and reduce the spread of infections, such as flu, colds, and Covid-19. Our easily maintained dispensers are designed to provide the most cost-effective hand hygiene program, giving school administrators and parents peace of mind.

With a stub roll feature and settings for controlling towel length, Revo® electronic towel dispensers are designed to eliminate waste and reduce the overall cost of use. High capacity small core and mini-jumbo twin tissue dispensers mean less waste plus less maintenance time used for roll replacement.

The hands-free, high capacity Revo® Controlled Dispensing Systems keep students moving and healthy with quick and touchless dispensing.

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