Paper Towel & Tissue Dispensers for Airports, Sports Arenas & More

When it comes to high-traffic facilities like airports, sports arenas and conference centers, both visitors and staff expect reliable hand hygiene and responsibly-sourced products.

Our high-traffic, high-capacity solutions deliver ease-of-use and peace of mind for both guests and custodians. With our full line of tissue and towels, Resolute Tissue offers reliable, low-maintenance, cost-effective solutions that help you make the right impression in busy areas such as washrooms, kitchen prep areas, concessions and break rooms.

The Revo® Controlled Dispensing System has been designed to enhance the washroom experience for both your guests and staff. The Revo® towel dispensers are the fastest in the market, moving patrons through the hand cleansing process more quickly than much of the competition.

With a stub roll feature and settings for controlling towel length, Revo® electronic towel dispensers are designed to eliminate waste and reduce the overall cost of in use. Offered in stainless, black and white, Revo® can also be ordered with an unlimited range of custom design possibilities, including branded elements, colors and finishes.

Hands-free and high capacity Revo® Controlled Dispensing Systems keep people moving through high-traffic areas with ultra-quick dispensing.

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