Bath Tissue & Towel Dispensers for Industrial Use

From shop floor to high-capacity restrooms and break room areas, our hygienic, touchless solutions can help you provide a safe environment where workers stay productive.

It’s your goal to constantly improve your operations, and it’s our mission to deliver greater safety, sustainability and savings. Our family of reliable, easy-to-use hygiene products comply with government standards and regulations while preventing the spread of illness that can cause absenteeism and downtime. Maximizing productivity and increasing hand hygiene is where the Revo® Controlled Dispensing System helps our customers find the best and most cost-effective solution while giving every employee peace of mind.

Cost savings are a key component with our systems. With Revo® you will reduce waste by controlling consumption and using the whole roll. All while increasing hand hygiene for the safety of your team. Revo® hands-free dispensers can help reduce the spread of infections, such as flu, colds or Covid-19 – thus reducing absences which affect productivity. Our easily maintained dispensers are designed to provide the best and most cost-effective hand hygiene program while reducing waste. This provides small businesses and corporations with healthier employees, environments and of course, a bottom line.

Revo® Controlled Dispensing Systems help the industrial market with the most cost-effective solution for increasing hand hygiene in the workplace.

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