Reimagine the restroom. Say hello to Revo™.

Looking for a better hands-free dispensing solution? With its greater cost efficiency and reliable performance, Revo’s next-generation towel and tissue dispenser system brings peace of mind and a competitive advantage to any restroom. Offered in stainless, black and white, Revo™ can be ordered with an unlimited range of design possibilities, including branded elements, colors and finishes – all durably incorporated into the dispenser.

Revo™ Towel Systems

The Controlled Dispensing System – Reinvented

Revo™ Towel Systems are packed with features to upgrade washroom hygiene, style and functionality, while their low-waste, quick dispensing efficiency keeps people moving – and you on budget.

  • Both hands-free electronic and hands-free mechanical units are ultraquiet and dispense ultrafast to keep people moving.
  • No-waste, cost-saving features include variable sheet length settings and stub roll transfer feature.
  • Refills are available with certified fiber sourcing.


Revo™ Tissue Systems

Reduce waste. Reduce costs. Reduce your environmental footprint.

Backed by vertically-integrated Resolute Tissue, Revo™ gives you access to a more affordable, responsibly-manufactured line of refills.

  • Twin Hi-Capacity Small Core Dispenser and Quad Hi-Capacity Small Core Dispenser uses premium 2-ply tissue refills and a small core format.
  • Mini-jumbo Twin Dispenser’s high capacity also keeps changeovers to a minimum.
  • Low waste design prevents access to extra rolls until first roll is used.
  • Refills available with certified fiber sourcing.

Classic Universal System

The Right Fit in Your Facility.

The Classic Universal Dispensers are designed with a compact, slim appearance. Fits with Resolute Tissue standard products.

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