Dry crepe technology

Dry crepe technology (DCT) is the simplest machine design, consisting of a former, usually a suction roll and a press to dewater the sheet, and a Yankee dryer to dry the sheet. The sheet is doctored from the dryer can with a creping blade where bulk and surface properties are developed.

DCT machines are typically used to produce tissue where lower sheet caliper is necessary, achieving dense products with high sheet counts in the case of bath tissue, or high lineal feet in the case of towel rolls.

New tissue technology

New tissue technology (NTT) is the latest innovation in tissue manufacturing, featuring a flexible machine that can produce a flat sheet or a structured sheet with a simple belt change. This allows production in DCT mode or premium structured grades.

NTT facts and capabilities

  • North American quality requirements have been steadily rising, but 40% of paper machines are not capable of meeting these standards.
  • The majority of tissue paper machines are over 30 years’ old.
  • We are one of the few fully-integrated, North American suppliers.

North American paper market

NTT is able to produce a variety of products across a wide spectrum of capacity and quality.

The benefits of NTT

Efficient flexible production
NTT is the most customizable production method on the market offering a wide variety of adjustments, eliminating the need for multiple pieces of equipment. This streamlined process results in new levels of cost efficiency.

Our NTT machine has the flexibility to produce a variety of bath tissue and towel products in a range of basis weights, sheet sizes and configurations, providing you with a completely customizable product and configuration to meet your product specifications.

Fiber integrity
Because our operations are vertically integrated, we have full control over the quality of the fiber and pulp and can ensure the ethical and sustainable production of our products. This means that you can be confident of the environmental integrity of your product while guaranteeing consistent quality and availability.

Additional savings through energy efficiency
We pride ourselves on our commitment to sustainable operations. In addition to the environmental efficiencies provided through vertical integration, our streamlined production process allows for a much lower energy expenditure.

Advance your tissue production process