New Resolute Infographic Follows a Tree’s Journey

A tree undergoes several transformations as it journeys from forest to market. Our new infographic illustrates the steps in this interesting and highly efficient process!

It all begins with sustainable forest management. Trees are harvested in accordance with detailed plans and stringent regulations. Sustainable forest management is instrumental in combating climate change. It reduces the risk of emissions from fires and insect outbreaks, while storing carbon long-term in wood products. As well, wood residue from harvesting operations can be used to generate power, replacing fossil fuels. The regeneration of harvested woodlands is an essential component of sustainable forest management. Resolute relies on a range of forest management techniques and best practices, including regeneration surveys, site preparation, the planting of seedlings, and seeding.

After harvesting, logs are transported to sawmills, where they are transformed primarily into lumber for construction and home renovation. Other useful products are produced with the rest of the tree – wood chips are used to produce pulp, paper and tissue, and bark, sawdust and other residue are converted into renewable energy. Wherever possible, we redirect the remaining waste to other beneficial uses, such as land spreading for agriculture.

By striving to make the most of every part of a harvested tree, we are playing a critical role in a low-carbon future.

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